Autumn Update

Due to the lockdown and Covid-19 Regulations, our post Christmas report and updates were cancelled and are now much out of date. This lockdown closed our church doors for the first time in 800 years in the history of the Church of England, and indeed the first time in the entire 600+ years history St. Edith’s church.
However, despite the doors being closed its members have not been idle. We have been preparing in confidence for the reopening of our church albeit in an unusual way. The church has had to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised which took a determined volunteer three weeks.
An unfortunate effect of the closure has been a dramatic fall in our income to almost zero which has meant that we have had to, temporarily, had to lay off our regular churchyard gardener. Again, we are so thankful to some other determined volunteers who have ensured that our churchyard has continued to look at its best for the many visitors.
The government restrictions have also meant that our Charity Shop and Saturday Coffee Mornings have had to be closed for the duration, but Freda has been able to continue her charity raising from her home. We are planning to reopen the church for the Charity Shop and Coffee Mornings as soon as possible, but as this will need to be subject to current Covid- 19 Guidelines and social distancing requirements, this may not be possible until our chancel and nave alterations are approved and carried out.
We have submitted all the plans and documentation to carry out these works, and we are awaiting approval from the diocese. At this moment in time the Diocesan Advisory Committee, who deal with these matters, are only working with urgent cases, so we are having to wait. Hopefully, approval will come later in the year.
We have however received permission to carry out the redecoration works to the South Aisle, which is the aisle furthest from the door, and most in need of redecorating. The order has been placed with the contractor and work should proceed early this Autumn.
We were sad to hear of Sal Childs passing in April this year. Her graveside service and burial was presided over by Rev Julie Oddy-Bates, and she was laid to rest with her late husband. The service was carried out under strict Covid-19 restrictions with only 10 members of her immediate family being able to be present, with social distancing. The family hope to have a full Memorial Service at St Edith’s once the restrictions have all been lifted, so that her friends and wider family can join them in giving thanks for her life.
St. Edith’s reopened for Private Prayer only on 22nd June. And on 12th July we were finally able to open for Public Worship beginning with our first Holy Communion service in nearly 4 months. Under strict social distancing and Covid- 19 regulations, the service was attended by a congregation of 14 communicants. Until further notice, there will be twice monthly Holy Communion services with 1 Morning Prayer and 1 Morning Worship, on the other Sundays, which will be lay led.
Please check the church notice board for any variations or alterations of services etc.
On a final note, St. Edith’s PCC would like to express their sincere and grateful thanks to all the volunteers who have given their time and commitment to help keep St. Edith’s looking at it’s best and functioning.
Thank you and God Bless.